Hello, my name is Giles Gargan and I am a fully licensed real estate professional and proud Ipswich local. Living locally for a number of years, Ipswich is very close to my heart. In my younger years, I grew up on a farm in One Mile and have moved around a number of suburbs and now I reside in Woodend, and just LOVE it.

My children attended Blair State School and currently attend St Marys for their school education.

I believe in working with the community and support local business and causes. Previously we were supporting Blair P&C fundraising in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

My passion for Real Estate has spanned a number of years from when I was a young lad starting my first renovation, to now looking at building an alternative styled home.

I have previously being a landlord myself as well as a homeowner now, so I can appreciate all the different aspects that come with the territory.

I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with you and help you move forward in selling your home.

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